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Who We Are

Wooditgh is a subsidiary of Building for the Future Generation ‘BFG’ (insert here), a non profit that promotes good education in a safe environment. Over the pass 12 years, BFG has built or renovate over 17 government schools. All cross the country.

Wood plays an important part when it comes to our work of building or renovating schools, that’s roofing works, windows and furniture. Therefore it is important to find a sustainable way of acquiring and utilising them.

In Ghana, deforestation is a serious problem that is leading to the loss of biodiversity, the disruption of natural ecosystems, and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly due to agricultural activities and illegal logging.

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To address this problem, Wooditgh has developed a sustainable solution that combines the production of high-quality, eco-friendly furniture from reclaimed wood from the forest.We are on a mission to support the BFG by raising funds, providing employment opportunities for local people, and supporting afforestation projects in Ghana’s forests. In addition, we aim to encourage people to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Our vision is for a country where people understand the importance of preserving the environment and appreciate the natural beauty it provides.

Our Vision

To help forest Ghana achieve the green Ghana goals.

Our Mission

To generate funds to support the great works of BFG and also promote afforestation in the country.

From The Beautiful Forest in Ghana
to Your Living Room.

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