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At WoodiTGH, we proudly offer a unique and eco-conscious service – the reclaiming of wood from the heart of Ghana’s lush forests. Our commitment goes beyond craftsmanship; it’s about fostering a greener future through responsible practices.

Reclaiming wood is our way of giving back to the environment that has provided us with so much. Our skilled team meticulously salvages fallen or discarded timber, breathing new life into these forgotten resources. Each piece of reclaimed wood tells a story of resilience and rebirth.

What sets us apart is our dedication to afforestation in Ghana. For every piece of wood reclaimed, we pledge to plant multiple trees, contributing to the restoration and preservation of our nation’s natural beauty. With WoodiTGH, your choice to embrace reclaimed wood becomes a catalyst for positive change.

By choosing WoodiTGH’s wood reclamation service, you’re not only obtaining exquisite, history-laden materials for your projects but also actively participating in the reforestation efforts that define our mission. Join us in nurturing a sustainable cycle of growth and renewal – one reclaimed piece at a time

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